Proctoring guidelines for October exams

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Proctoring guidelines for October exams

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The Executive Board of THUAS has decided to make use of proctoring for online exams via ProctorExam. Via this email we will inform you about what this means for you. Please read all information carefully as some procedures have been updated compared to the August exam round.

What is online proctoring?
Online proctoring is taking a digital test where surveillance is done remotely by capturing sound and picture. The images can be viewed live or afterwards by the proctor (invigilator). The recording of images and sound is only intended to prevent fraud.

THUAS has chosen ProctorExam as its supplier for proctoring software. To get an idea of how to take a remote exam with online proctoring with ProctorExam, you should watch an introduction video here. Please note that in the October round you will need to perform a room scan with your mobile phone. Watch the video carefully how this works.

What do you need?
Please go to the ProctorExam website to check what you need to do to start your exam, how to set up your room and what you should avoid. For information about the QR-Code you need to download on your mobile phone, consult the ProctorExam manual. To take an online exam with ProctorExam you need a Windows laptop or MacBook with a webcam and microphone. ProctorExam uses the Google Chrome browser with a plugin. No software is installed on your laptop. Your internet connection needs to meet the minimum requirements mentioned on the ProctorExam website.

How does it work?
First you will receive an email from the Exam Office with the time and date of your exam. Then, you will receive two emails from ProctorExam in preparation for your exam. You will receive the first email from ProctorExam no later than a week before the start of your exam. Follow the instructions in the email and install Google Chrome and the plugin and go through the check of your equipment (the System Check). After completing the System Check you will receive a second email from ProctorExam with the link to your exam.

At the start of your exam, a photo is taken of your ID and of yourself and then you start the actual exam in Blackboard. It is important for you to know what happens to your personal data and how your privacy is guaranteed when you take an THUAS exam with ProctorExam. The privacy statement of THUAS can be found here. ProctorExam is obliged to respect your privacy. You can find the ProctorExam privacy statement here.

Exam rules and regulations
Exam rules also apply during online exams. You can read these rules here.

Familiarise yourself with ProctorExam and good luck with the preparation of your exams!
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